2021 Cybersecurity Patent Market

2021 Cybersecurity Patent Market


Key Cybersecurity Patent Market Insights

● A continued increase in cybersecurity patent divestment and licensing activity is expected due to (1) the increased number of patent filings each year for 10 years straight; (2) the massive cybersecurity investment funding since 2015; and (3) the growing number of cybersecurity companies unable to find a market fit.

● Over 90% of cybersecurity patent litigation is attributed to NPE activity since 2012.
● IBM currently holds the most cybersecurity patents with almost twice as many as Microsoft, the 
second biggest holder.
● One major law firm (Finnegan) is projecting that cyber patent wars are on the horizon due to 
both the growing market and inherent ease of detectable infringement in some segments.
● The implementation of 5G across multiple industries is expected to play a large role in the both 
the continued growth of the cybersecurity market, as well as potential infringement cases.


Cybersecurity Patent Ownership




Cybersecurity Patent Litigation by Entity Type


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