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  • The Patent System Has Abandoned Inventors
    The Patent System Has Abandoned Inventors The American patent system was hijacked by large tech companies, who have become so unstoppably big that the government is stepping in. Yet it didn’t need to happen this way. . They are not patent trolls. They are inventors. They are innovators. They are founders. They are individuals of scientific brilliance. They are not trolls.  They worked long hours; spent their lives coming up with innovations and inventions. Invested their own money. Invested their own time, sweat, tears. Some of them built successful businesses around their innovations. Others focused one the invention side and […]
  • Why it’s so important to understand your sellers when buying patents
    Why it’s so important to understand your sellers when buying patents The team at Richardson Oliver Insights (ROI) recently wrote an article offering advice to patent sellers on how to effectively market and sell your patents. There is some strong advice that sellers should take into account. It’s worth reading if you’re looking to sell patents. However, the piece is one-sided in its guidance on navigating an antiquated patent market. We first off would like to point out that the team at ROI (and additionally the team at Richardson Oliver Law (ROL)) are excellent at representing buyers. They provide considerable […]
  • How to Beef Up Your Patent Budget
    . How to Beef Up Your Patent Budget  Convincing senior management to increase an IP department’s budget can be one of the biggest challenges for in-house counsel, but there are some straightforward steps they can take to get more bang for their buck. . When compared to large, well-established businesses, developing tech companies often have to contend with limited resources for managing patent IP. This can be challenging, especially when in-house counsel are regularly called upon to deal with other day-to-day legal issues. The resource challenge most often expressed from counsel is a lack of money, which hamstrings execution of […]
  • Patents Have Entered the Upside Down
    . Patents Have Entered the Upside Down In a landscape of amorphous patent rights, shifting legal precedence, toothless expert opinions, fluctuating patent values, and deafeningly silent Supreme Court justices, the U.S. patent system has been a display of the absurd. . Ask 10 professionals for their attitude on the current state of patents, and you’ll receive ten distinctly different opinions ranging anywhere from the incredibly negative patents-are-dying attitude to the overly optimistic everything-is-fine-here outlook. The consternation of it all is that each of those 10 professionals would be absolutely right in their estimations, and entirely wrong as well. And that’s the patent world in […]