About Us

About Us

We serve the innovators, the inventors, the technology companies, the startups, the founders, and the dreamers. Creativity and innovation should be rewarded, but the patent system has failed many in recent years. We’re changing that. We want to make sure you and your company are rewarded for all you gave to get to this point.

Vitek IP combines traditional IP expertise with cutting-edge software and technology to create tangible market value for clients. Vitek’s team of patent attorneys and technical subject matter experts have over a hundred years of technology expertise.


Daniel Buri, CEO & President

Dan has a vision of making the patent marketplace more accessible and transparent. Prior to forming Vitek, he was an owner and director in a patent transaction advisory with an international presence. He has spent over fifteen years helping technology companies and inventors manage, analyze, value, develop, acquire and divest patents. He has advised some of the world’s largest technology companies on a wide variety of patent matters, including many high-profile patent engagements and transaction totals in the nine-figures. He believes IP is an under-utilized and under-valued asset class.


Mark Jones, CTO

Mark is excited to bring new technologies to the patent-IP market. Prior to forming Vitek, he founded and led three companies that won awards for innovation in software and hardware. He is a serial innovator, with over 120 patents as named inventor. Mark’s passion is software algorithms and computing architecture – he keeps returning to graphics and video compression, most recently running the Video Algorithms team at Apple. He, like many others, believes that field-programmable hardware is the answer, but is still trying to find the right question.


Jim Jackson, VP of Engineering

Jim is dedicated to improving the technologies used to analyze and track patents. He brings with him into the patent market more than thirty years of experience leading both hardware and software development teams. He has created revolutionary intellectual property in supercomputing, networking semiconductors, long-haul telecommunications, video encoding, and green technology. Most recently, Jim built and led a team to realize an IOT data analytics platform now being used by grocery and convenience stores across the country. He believes that curating the right team is the key to success.


Andrew Gabriel, Director of IP

Andy is passionate about helping people translate complex and diverse technologies into readily understandable value. With more than fifteen years as a patent attorney, he has helped a wide range of international clients secure, enforce and find value in their patent portfolios. Andy was previously head of IP practice at several law firms and has recently worked as a patent analyst and subject matter expert for patent advisory and brokerage services. He believes patent prosecution should go beyond merely the filing of patents by focusing on how to create value for his clients through actionable IP.


Alex Avstreykh, Associate Director

Alex is committed to unlocking strategic IP value. He has advised hundreds of companies on managing patent risk and patent litigation and has led dozens of patent portfolio transactions valuing over $100M. Alex previously was Senior Manager of Licensing and Acquisitions at RPX Corporation, working with individual inventors and a broad range of companies from early-stage ventures to Fortune-ranked firms. He has a vision of a transparent patent marketplace that is more efficient and effective for everyone.


Jessica Jones, Analyst

Jess is eager to bring a fresh perspective into the world of IP. After studying to be a writing professor, Jess brought her refined writing, research, and people skills into the IP space five years ago. Her skillset is perfectly matched to patent analysis at Vitek, where she strives to find the right balance between art and science for each project by emphasizing accuracy, clarity, and narrative. Jess is the co-inventor on several patents. She believes that transparency and collaboration are the only way forward and will be pushing hard to show how it can be done better, both in the patent marketplace and beyond.


Katrina Piper-Owyns, Head of Operations

Katrina is devoted to supporting the creativity and innovation that patents bring to the growth of tech companies. The possibilities afforded through IP ignites her enthusiasm and drive. With over a decade of experience in the dynamic realms of medical device and technology startups, she is a seasoned professional known for her unwavering commitment to clients and operational excellence. Prior to joining Vitek IP,  Katrina held several key roles where she honed her expertise in areas such as client experience, marketing, and operations management. She believes a culture of continuous improvement, authenticity, and operational efficiency always results in better outcomes and happier clients.



Vitek is empowering inventors, innovators, and technology companies by bringing efficiency and transparency to an outdated patent market. As an Intellectual Property advisory, we focus on uncovering and maximizing patent value for small to mid-tier technology companies.

With decades of experience in patent transactions, patent consulting, and technology development, Vitek provides its clients exceptional guidance navigating the patent landscape, from invention development and patent valuation in the early stages of innovation, to patent sales and acquisition for companies with sophisticated IP strategies.

Vitek Core Technology Expertise


We create value for clients through managing and growing their patent portfolio to:

• Increase investment interest and partnership opportunities;
• Create new monetization opportunities;
• Decrease or eliminate licensing risk and outlay; and
• Increase investor and shareholder confidence.

Our services cover all aspects of patent ownership, including patent creation, maintenance, acquisition, licensing and sale.

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