Vitek IP Announces the Availability of Video Compression Patent Portfolio

Video Compression Patent Portfolio (SOLD)

The Video Compression patent portfolio contains 3 U.S. patents. The technology is related to adaptive GOP, which is a commonly used technique during encoding and was first supported by H.264, the most ubiquitous encoding solution. There is widespread use of the patents from major market participants.

The technology claimed in the patent portfolio is utilized throughout a variety of industry applications. Vitek has documented use of the claims by a number of market segments, including  hardware chip encoders, headend encoders, software encoders, professional video editing solutions, and broadcast and OTT providers.

The Video Compression patent portfolio offers a unique opportunity for a company to acquire the fundamental video compression encoding patents in a multi-billion-dollar market. The early priority dates provide strong coverage and the patent claims are in widespread use.

Offers for the patents will be reviewed as they are received, and the patent owner intends to finalize a transaction in Q3 2020. To receive an overview of the portfolio or detailed market materials, contact us via email at

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