Vitek IP Announces the Availability of the AR Imaging & Projection Patent Portfolio

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Vitek IP, LLC announced that they are the exclusive representative to sell the AR Imaging & Projection patent portfolio owned by VNTANA Inc., a leader in 3D content management systems solutions since it’s SaaS launch in 2020 and holographic projection since 2012.

The AR Imaging & Projection patent portfolio contains 9 patents within 8 families associated with VNTANA’s legacy services business. The patent portfolio covers patented technology related to augmented reality, including depth key compositing and Pepper’s Ghost holographic effects. The inventions relate to software and hardware implementations used to create enhanced AR environments, and are used by video and image editing software and depth cameras.


A key patent describes a method to identify and isolate objects within an adjustable depth range in an image. Objects outside the depth range may be separately processed, for example blurred. The patent’s claims are implemented in leading image and video editing and processing platforms. The claims are utilized in products offered by major image editing and AR companies.

Additional patents within the portfolio are related to Pepper’s Ghost illusion, holographic projections, and real-time quality control methods using augmented reality. A large number of major manufacturing companies utilizing AR for production inspection and quality assurance.

Vitek IP has developed claim charts outlining the use and value of the patented technology.

The AR Imaging & Projection patent portfolio offers the opportunity to acquire important intellectual property in the emerging 3D/AR imaging space that is applicable to both startups and established major players offering image processing software and hardware solutions.

Offers for the patent portfolio will be reviewed as they are received, and the patent owner intends to finalize a transaction in Q4 2023. To receive an overview of the portfolio or detailed market materials, contact us via email at


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