Vitek’s Patent Brokerage maximizes the value of your company’s IP.

Protecting and monetizing your innovations so you can focus on your company. As patent brokers, we have sold every portfolio we’ve represented.


Vitek Patent Brokerage

Vitek provides buy-side and sell-side patent brokerage services. Team members have managed hundreds of transactions and over nine-figures of returns for the world’s largest companies. We provide full-service patent broker services with no upfront costs to you or your company.

The entire patent brokerage process from the start until there’s money in your account is managed by Vitek’s expert team of patent brokers, with no burden to your company operations. We develop patent brokerage sales materials, create a patent sales strategy, market your patent portfolio, identify likely patent purchasers, and negotiate a transaction on your behalf.

Whether the time is right to sell or you need to create an investment inflection point while maintaining the freedom to use through a grant-back license, Vitek can maximize your return.


Vitek Patent Acquisition

Protecting the growth of your business through strategic acquisition strategies. Team members have developed acquisition programs for some of the world’s largest companies.

Vitek identifies and negotiates the purchase of patents on behalf of clients for a multitude of objectives:

• Expanding product or service lines into new technology areas.
• Operating in new geographic locations.
• Minimizing licensing/litigation risks by acquiring patents that read on specific competitors.


What Makes Vitek’s Patent Brokerage Different?

As a patent broker, Vitek is committed to getting the best deal for our clients. Often times that means maximizing the dollar value, but sometimes that means working with a specific buyer or identifying a purchaser that provides our client additional business incentives. We are committed to going further for our clients even if it’s detrimental to our bottom line commission. While many firms say this with lip service, Vitek’s patent brokerage is truly committed to serving our clients. We find success when our clients are successful.


Patent Brokerage Timeline

Patent brokerage campaigns range from a 4—6 month process. While most patent brokers are unwilling to provide definitive, estimated timelines due to inexperience, Vitek’s patent brokerage has the expertise to establish the value proposition for each patent portfolio clearly prior to marketing.

Weeks 0—2: Execute Engagement Agreement; finalize initial analysis.

Weeks 2—4: Development of patent brokerage marketing strategy & creation of Marketing Materials.

Marketing Materials include non-confidential offering presentation, press release, detailed confidential offering presentation, detailed patent analysis, and confidential claim charts. Vitek will create a list of potential purchasers for client review and approval.

Weeks 4—12: Portfolio Marketing.

Present non-confidential materials and confidential materials under requested NDA. Support potential purchasers with detailed technical and valuation discussions. Vitek provides regular updates on the progress of the marketing campaign.

Weeks 13 & 14: Solicit and review offers.

Weeks 15—18: Manage PPA negotiations and closing.


Vitek offers full-service patent sale representation with no up-front cost or mixed-fee structures. Vitek develops offering materials, creates a sales strategy, markets, identifies purchasers, and negotiates a transaction on behalf of clients.

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