Creation & Development

Vitek’s Patent Creation & Development services help some of the largest tech companies and most valuable startups in the world build valuable patent portfolios and create a patent stronghold.

Team members are named inventors on over a hundred patents. Patent creation, invention development, and IP cataloguing is a Vitek core specialty.


Patent Creation & Development

Vitek has decades of experience helping start-ups and corporations grow their patent portfolios through patent creation. We consistently help clients bolster their patent protection and maximize IP transaction value.

Vitek is skilled at mining existing patent applications and specifications to create valuable patent filings. We regularly collaborate with engineering teams and patent counsel teams to identify additional patent inventions. Our Patent Creation & Development services utilize a market-driven patent strategy.


Why Clients Use Vitek for Patent Creation

Vitek is seasoned innovators. We provide a turn-key patent creation solution with no drain on internal resources. We offer access to external prosecution counsel, but often work with existing counsel throughout the process.

Patent creation provides a pivotal growth opportunity for many companies to:
• Increase company value for investment with a market-directed patent strategy;
• Fill gaps in existing portfolio to increase protection against potential aggressors;
• Target key features of competitor technologies to create leverage in future negotiations; and
• Expand potential operation areas by adding new IP with a defensible priority date.


Increase Patent Value with Vitek’s Patent Creation

Vitek is an Intellectual Property advisory focused on uncovering and maximizing patent value. With decades of experience in patent transactions, patent consulting, and technology development, we are a trusted source for providing clients exceptional guidance navigating the patent landscape.

Through patent creation and development, Vitek is able to significantly increase patent value and develop a robust patent strategy for clients.
• Expand your patent portfolio through additional innovation by focusing existing applications toward broader market application.
• Create an ongoing IP strategy to drive investment from current partners and new investors, increasing confidence with a clearly delineated patent value road-map.
• Develop an IP portfolio that has market value to support company growth and create a premium when exploring exit strategies.


Patent Creation and Development Process

1) Create a market-driven patent strategy:

• Mine existing patents to identify key markets and technologies. 
• Define possible innovations.

2) Build a market-driven patent portfolio.

• Work with client to select and prioritize innovations. 
• Create new inventions.
• Work with counsel to amend existing specifications and add new claims for continuations. 
• Write complete specifications and draft claims for new patents ready for counsel.

3) Supplemental patent development offerings.

• Patent Insight Report detailing existing claims and claim strength based on market factors.
• Patent Landscape Study for specified technology segments, including key competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
• Patent Strategy Presentation for potential investment.


Vitek is a trusted resource for tech companies looking to upgrade their IP strategy and create patent value.

Contact us today to see how Vitek can develop your patent portfolio with a market-driven strategy.