Patent Creation & Development

Invention creation, development, and cataloguing. Team members are named inventors on over a hundred U.S. patents.

Vitek is skilled at mining existing patent applications and specifications for valuable patent filings, and collaborating with engineering teams to identify additional patent inventions. We create a market-driven patent strategy.

Increase Patent Value

• Expanding patent portfolios through additional innovation, focus on existing applications toward broader market application.
• Creating an ongoing IP strategy to drive investment from current partners and new investors, increasing confidence with a clearly delineated patent value road-map.
• Developing an IP portfolio that has market value to support company growth and create a premium when exploring exit strategies.

Working in conjunction with existing corporate counsel and prosecution attorneys, Vitek is a trusted resource for tech companies looking to upgrade their IP strategy and create patent value.

Contact us today to see how Vitek can develop your patent portfolio with a market-driven strategy.