2023 AI Patent Market

2023 AI Patent Market

The following data is a portion of Vitek’s 2023 AI Patent Market Overview one-pager. Vitek provides free patent market data for the patent community in an effort to build a more robust and transparent patent market.

The AI Patent Market Overview includes data on the largest patent holders, recent patent litigation, and key market insights into the artificial intelligence patent market.

The AI Patent Market Overview one-pager is available for download as a free service. If you would like details on a customized patent market study for your company, please contact us at info@vitek-ip.com.



Select AI Patent Market Insights

  • IBM owns more AI patents than Google and Samsung combined.
  • Chinese companies Tencent, Baidu, and Zhenjiang University have among the largest AI-related patent holdings worldwide.

AI U.S. Patent Holdings



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