Vitek IP Announces the Availability of the Wireless Earbuds Patent Portfolio

Wireless Earbuds Patent Portfolio (Licensed)

Vitek IP, LLC announced that they are the exclusive representative to sell the patent portfolio of Swedish headphone company Earin, the creator of the original true wireless earbuds.


The Wireless Earbuds patent portfolio contains 13 patents within 3 patent families and covers foundational wireless earbud technology. Earin’s vision was to cut the cords on headphones using a smaller, highly integrated earbud construction and Bluetooth technology. In operation for nearly a decade and with products sold worldwide, Earin’s technology and patents reflect their early entry into the wireless earbud market. The 5 issued U.S. patents and 8 international filings are applicable to most wireless earbuds sold on the market.

The U.S. market for wireless earbuds exceeded $15B in 2021 and has seen a growth of 18% per year for the last three years. Market projections call for continued growth with a nearly $25B U.S. market by 2025. The U.S. wireless earbud market accounts for roughly one-third of the global market.

One key patent claim in the Wireless Earbud patent portfolio is directed to a wireless earbud system with a loudspeaker, a rechargeable battery, a printed circuit board, and a charging interface arranged along a longitudinal axis. The patent claim is utilized by most wireless earbuds on the market.

A second key patent claim describes a wireless earbud pair that switches the earbud communicating with the sound source device to increase battery life. Over half the wireless earbuds on the market utilize this technology.

Another key patent is directed to a sleek wireless earbud charging case with a retractable storage chamber. One case from a major provider using the patented system has won design awards.

The Wireless Earbuds patent portfolio offers a unique opportunity for a company to acquire foundational wireless earbud patents in a multi-billion-dollar market. The patented technology was developed by true pioneers in the wireless earbud market and is applicable to most wireless earbuds sold today.

Offers for the patent portfolio will be reviewed as they are received, and the patent owner intends to finalize a transaction in Q3 2022. To receive an overview of the portfolio or detailed market materials, contact us via email at  


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