Vitek IP Announces the Availability of Mobile Device Handoff Patent Portfolio

Mobile Device Handoff Patent Portfolio (SOLD)

Vitek IP, LLC announced that they are the exclusive representative to sell a key patent portfolio related to mobile device handoff technology.


The Mobile Device Handoff patent portfolio contains 3 U.S. patents. The technology is related to connected wearable devices and connected luxury watches. There is widespread use of the patents from major market participants.

The technology claimed is broadly applicable to companies that provide smartwatches and in particular those that feature a cellular or stand-alone capability. The portfolio is likely also relevant to smartwatches that switch between independent Wi-Fi and tethered connections. Specifically, the portfolio protects methods for intelligently switching between personal devices for network connections.

The key patent is applicable to wearables such as smartwatches and covers context dependent network connection, such as using the smartwatch alone (e.g., via cellular) or connecting via a paired device such as a smartphone. The U.S. luxury watch market currently exceeds $1B.

The Mobile Device Handoff patent portfolio offers a unique opportunity for a company to acquire pivotal connected wearable patents with significant use from major market products and services. The patent owner has shuttered operations and is divesting all IP interests. Offers for the patents will be reviewed as they are received, and the patent owner intends to finalize a transaction at the beginning of 2021.

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