Vitek IP Announces the Availability of the Long-Use VR Patent Portfolio (SOLD)

Long-Use VR Patent Portfolio (SOLD)


Vitek IP, LLC announced that they are the exclusive representative to sell the patent portfolio owned and developed by inventor Dr. Adam Li, former CEO of Immerex.

The Long-Use VR patent portfolio contains 16 patents within 3 patent families and covers key innovative virtual reality headset technology. As CEO of Immerex, Dr. Li showcased the VRG-9020 headset in 2016, which provided an immersive end-to-end virtual reality entertainment experience. Immerex’s vision was to solve problems with extended use of VR and provide immersive experiences beyond gaming to the broader entertainment community. The 16 U.S. patents are applicable to many virtual reality headsets sold on the market.

The U.S. market for VR headsets is $1.5B and saw growth of nearly 100% in 2021. Market projections call for continued yearly growth of over 35% CAGR with a 50 billion headsets shipped per year by 2025. The patented VR headset technology in the Long-Use VR patent portfolio includes extending user comfort through minimizing VR sickness, multi-mode operation (real, VR and AR), and swappable hardware innovations.

One key patent is directed to reducing latency using late warping to minimize inducing user VR sickness. The patented technology is utilized by most virtual reality headsets on the market.

A second key patent is directed to a hardware platform with real, augmented reality, and virtual reality video and audio modes. The patent claims include swappable hardware modules. Most virtual reality headsets on the market are utilizing the patent claims.

The Long-Use VR patent portfolio offers a unique opportunity for a company to acquire important augmented reality and virtual reality patents in a multi-billion-dollar market. The patented technology was developed by true innovators in the AR / VR market and is applicable to most VR headsets sold today.

Offers for the patent portfolio will be reviewed as they are received, and the patent owner intends to finalize a transaction in Q3 2022. To receive an overview of the portfolio or detailed market materials, contact us via email at


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