Vitek IP Announces the Availability of Location Intelligence Patent Portfolio

Location Intelligence Patent Portfolio (SOLD)

Portland, OR, May 29, 2019

Vitek IP, LLC announced that they are the exclusive representative to sell a broad portfolio of patents from a leading location services provider. 

The Location Intelligence patent portfolio contains 34 patents within 14 patent families and covers significant location-based technology. The patent owner has spent over $10 million in R&D and patent development over the last fifteen years, contributing to the fundamental value of the patented technology. The 23 issued U.S. patents and 11 international filings are applicable to numerous markets using the location of mobile devices, including field service management, supply chain visibility, warehouse and fleet management, mobile gaming, rideshare, and location-based advertising.

The patent portfolio is directed toward technologies being implemented by major market players. Key patent families are applicable to supply chain visibility and field service management solutions currently utilized in the market. Essential features covered by the Location Intelligence patents include location service analysis, location data integration and optimization, and geo-fencing.

The broad scope of the patents additionally covers mobile device location monitoring and data analytics as applied to distribution and warehousing, gaming including daily fantasy sports and lottery, ridesharing and mobile advertising, proximity marketing, IoT and asset management. Given the breadth of location-based applications used throughout a large number of industries, the patent portfolio exhibits inherent market value amongst industry leaders and beyond, both presently and in the future.

The Location Intelligence patent portfolio is being offered to a limited number of potential buyers. Offers for the patents will be reviewed as they are received, and the patent owner intends to finalize a transaction by August 2019. To receive an overview of the portfolio or detailed market materials, contact us via email at

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