2020 Fintech Patent Market Overview

2020 Fintech Patent Market Snapshot


Key Fintech Patent Market Insights

.● Hitachi’s Fintech research organization has been creating value, putting them in the short list of companies owning more than 1,000 Fintech patents (Visa, Bank of America, and Hitachi).

.● With 59 issued and pending U.S. patents, BofA is the largest patent holder of blockchain patents, a foundation technology driving IP growth.

.● There are nearly 200 Fintech startups that own up to 10 patents, and this is expected to increase before we see industry consolidation.

.● Increased transaction activity for Fintech patents is expected throughout 2020 as companies aim to solidify technology positions.

.● 2018 global Fintech investment surpassed investment dollars in 2016 and 2017 combined. 2019 & 2020 Fintech investment is expected to remain steady as Regtech and Insuretech become prevalent.

.● Over 90% of Fintech patent litigation in the last decade has been from NPEs. An increase in operating company litigation is anticipated including between major banks.


Fintech Patent Ownership


Fintech Patent Litigation


U.S. Fintech Investment by Segment YTD


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